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We are so excited about this year's Summer STEAM Sports & Arts Camp. 

We are looking for some AMAZING instructors to help lead and support our programs!

If interested please email your resume to :

Position Summary


Sports/Athletics Lead Instructor

Reports to: Camp Director, Executive Camp Director


Position Summary


The sports/athletics lead instructor will help facilitate all athletic and sport activities for each of the campers based on age and skill level. He/she will support all Junior Camp counselors as they participate in the daily physical activities.


Background Required and Qualifications


    • Must have one of the following credentials in the content area assigned: a teaching certificate (minimum of three years of teaching); equivalent combination of training and experience; a continuing certificate for teaching grades K-8; or a grad student working on a degree in a STEAM/ Sports field.

    • History of sports related activities or coaching experience

    • Strong verbal communicator. 

    • Ability to teach all students at all levels

    • Possesses great leadership abilities 

    • Patient, enthusiastic, self-controlled and dependable.

    • Has the ability to work with others.


Principal Duties and Responsibilities


    • Works collaboratively with Camp Director and Junior Camp instructors on the content of the instructional program and related activities.

    • Notifies the Camp Director, Lead Camp Instructor and Administrative Assistant if he/she must be absent or late for duty for any reason.

    • Reports problems and seek advice from the Camp Program Director and/or Lead Camp instructors when needed.

    • Reports all difficulties related to the health of campers immediately to the Camp Director and Lead Camp instructors

    • Works with individual campers or groups of campers on special instructional projects.

    • Provides the Camp Director and Lead Camp instructors with information about campers that will  assist him/her in the development of appropriate learning experiences.

    • Assists campers in the use of available instructional resources.

    • Assists in the development of instructional materials.

    • Be able to teach classes as back up instructor in the absence of the camp instructor.

    • Stimulates campers’ interest in individual and group activities.

    • Provides a safe learning environment to motivate youth.

    • Performs other duties as assigned.

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