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This is where it all started! Back in 2008 we (My wife and I , Mr. Marc Moten, Mrs. Kimberly Clark-McIntosh, Mrs. Twoana Shepard and Mrs. Raquisha Roberson (all a part of our core team went out on faith to start right here in our own backyard a competitive youth football and cheerleading league. Along the help of Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Stuckey (Former All Pro with the San Diego Chargers) The KU Youth Sports Development (Doug Wiesner), Dr. Jomella Watson- Thompson (KU Department of Allied Health) The Kansas City Chiefs and others, we began this...journey. We started out as the Wyandotte County Youth Football and Cheerleading Association and now we are the KC United! Youth/Family Sports & Education Initiative. 

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 Won't you consider helping us continue to strengthen our community one soul, one life, one family at a time with a financial donation?

2400 North 20th Street, Kansas City, KS, 66104

913-999-8181 (Pastor Adrion Roberson) or

913-575-2085 (Vicky Roberson)




$2500 & Up

Level 5 Sponsor 

Premier logo advertising on 

• Individual logo placed on 4x8 sponsor ‘traveling’ banner (2021-2022 season) 

•Sponsor plaque 

• Logo placed on team championship trophy Invitation to ‘End of Summer’ celebration! 



Level 3 Sponsor 

Logo advertising on and 3x3 sponsor banner

Invitation to ‘End of Summer’ celebration! 

•Appreciation certificate 

 Gold -


Level 4 Sponsor  

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• Individual Logo placed on 3x5 sponsor banner ‘traveling’ banner (2021-2022) 

• Appreciation Certificate 

• Invitation to ‘End of Summer’ celebration 

 Bronze -


Level 4 sponsor  

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Invitation to ‘End of Summer’ celebration!

Dollar Notes

 Your financial support will help our community get back to some sense of normalcy. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. You will be contacted within the next few days to determine your level of interest. 

Please make checks payable to

KC United! Youth/ Family Sports & Education Initiative.

P . O . B o x 1 7 1 049 

Kansas City, KS 66117 

 For further information contact: 

Pastor Adrion Roberson, 


Business Consultant, Marquita Taylor 



Make a One-time or

Monthly  Donation

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Cashapp: $KCUnited09



2400 North 20th Street

Kansas City, KS, 66104

 Make checks payable to KC United! Youth Sports & Education Initiative


Make a tax deductible donation‏.

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Cashapp: $KCUnited09

Over the Phone

Finance Director,

Mrs. Kimberly Clark-McIntosh at 913-522-7460

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