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We believe that the parents of the participants in our STEAM Camp and our physical activites/sports leagues are THE TRUE GAMECHANGERS....

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Director: Ms. Williams


In partnership with ThrYve, Ms. Williams will serve as the Director of Game Changers for KCU!  She serves as a Senior Research Assistant at the Center for Community Health and Development, where she supports implementation of several research and evaluation projects. She coordinates and supports evaluation services, training, and technical support for initiatives focusing on youth development, adolescent substance abuse prevention, and violence prevention.


She holds a Business Organization and Management Bachelor of Science Degree from Friends University. Ms. Williams has extensive experience providing capacity building training, consultation, and technical support to grassroots organizations in the areas of community engagement, and organizational, program, and leadership development. She has coordinated several programs for youth-serving organizations in Wyandotte County and serves on several local boards.


Coordinator: Dr. Chiquita Miller, Phd, CFLE

Community Partners: Knit Rite, (KCKs), K-State Family and Consumer Sciences, K-State Research & Extension- Wyandotte County, Berean Fellowship Church, KCKs., 


Dr. Chiquita Miller serves as the Coordinator for the KCU! Gamechangers-Parent/Guardian Instructional Development initiative. Our goal is to not just 'connect' with the children, youth and teens who participate in our sports leagues/ arts camp but to also 'connect' with their parents/guardians as well. This comprehensive vision, we believe, will give us a greater opportunity to strengthen the whole family unit versus the individual parts alone. Dr. Miller has introduced the "Together We Can": Creating a healthy future for our family program which focuses 5 high priority areas for growth and development. Dr. Miller has over 15 years of hands-on community works with families in the urban core. Her desire to not just see change but to play an integral role in helping participants..."be the change they desire" is where her core passion lies. GAMECHANGERS also has introduced the "Changing My Truth" life-skill, adaptive leadership (from the Kansas Leadership Center, Wichita, Ks) , pre-employment training initiative that helps to equip participants to see their full holistic value not just from an employee perspective but even more from a family/community perspective. 

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Parent/Guardian Initiative



  1. 4 week intensive, evidence based parent/family training program

  2. KCU! partnership with K-State Research and Extension and other community partners

  3. Adults learn about the 5 areas of holistic health: Spiritual (who God/Jesus says they are and have the potential to be), physical (dieting/exercise/rest), social/emotional (trauma/ how to recognize it and overcome), educational (GED support, community resources, what 'leadership' is/can be, job/career support etc.) and economic (budgeting/savings, etc.)

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