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We are so excited about this year's Summer STEAM Sports & Arts Camp. 

We are looking for some AMAZING instructors to help lead and support our programs!

If interested please email your resume to :

Position Summary


Camp Nurse

Reports to: Camp Director, Executive Camp Director


Position Summary

The Camp Nurse is the primary health care professional for the camp. He/ she  supports the Camp staff in providing campers a safe, fun, and educational experience in a supportive environment.


Background required and Qualifications

    • Must have a nursing license.

    • Must have at least five years job experience working with students.

    • Must be certified in CPR and first aid.

    • Possesses good leadership abilities and responsibility skills.

    • Patient, enthusiastic, self-controlled and dependable.

    • Ability to work with others and follow directions.


Principal Duties and Responsibilities

    • Observes and promotes all rules and regulations established for the health and well-being of each camper.

    • Clarifies any health-related questions with parents during camp orientation.

    • Attend off-campus and recreational activities.

    • Observe campers for illness and/or injuries. Report any difficulties related to health immediately to the Executive Camp Director or Camp Program Director and Lead Camp instructors

    • Seeks assistance or advice from the Executive Camp Director and/or Camp Program Director when needed.

    • Meets with the counselors to discuss campers health concerns as needed.

    • Visits with Camp Director and Executive Camp Director daily or at a time agreed upon to discuss campers health concerns and medical issues.

  •   Responds to medical emergencies and treat as necessary and assesses whether     injuries/illnesses require further treatment. Makes the decision to call EMT support when needed.

    • Provides general first aid care (scrapes, minor cuts and bruises); treatment of colds/headaches, upset stomachs, etc.; and assesses whether further treatment is required.

    • Calls parents to report illness and/or injury.

    • Maintains log of patients seen and treated.

    • Maintains necessary records of medical forms on campers.

    • Keeps record of all medications to be dispensed.

    • Dispenses prescription drugs under the written health care procedures, and non- prescription drugs only under the written health care procedures, physician’s standing orders, or under the signed instruction of the individual’s physician.

    • Performs other duties as assigned.

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